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Atelier Nú

Mallorca, Arta, 

June 16-20, 2021

1.060 EUR Early Bird (bis 16.05.2021)

1.160 EUR Regular


A magic journey and sensory ride of movement, modern spirituality,

connectedness and pleasure– 

curated to grasp all things beautiful. 

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The Magique Senses Retreat

by Atelier Nú


Dedicated to sensuality.

We want to speak to all your senses:

Experience your feelings and body through yoga with Kathrin, experience your mind through meditation with Nina, and enjoy excellent, balanced food with Mattia.

Experience connectedness with yourself and other people. Feel grounded at our cozy Finca Ses Set Cases.

Embedded in the most beautiful nature.


More than ever we long to connect with ourselves and with others in a wide and open space, seeking to find our rhythm again.


The warm welcome
 of Ses Set Cases

You have just entered a wonderful little piece of land. It all started in 1997, when the finca started to grow and develop, step by step,  stone by stone, and ever since it has been the meeting point for family and friends. Wide-open doors, long tables, and inviting people in to enjoy this space- that's our philosophy. It is the people and their stories, which give this place its wonderful spirit day in and day out.

Ses set cases offers 500 square meters of living space:

a salon, 6 double bedrooms (one double bed for two),

4 bathrooms, a  16 x 6 m pool. All bathrooms are bright, spacious, sun-flooded with a simple aesthetic of marble and concrete, and lead either into the garden or onto balconies, which are indirectly connected to the garden via 2 external stairs.



The journey of food

by Mattia Risaliti

Born in Italy, raised in Austria, Mattias´ cooking was and still is a way to reconnect to his culture.

Mattia realised that he needs to connect the dots between design and cooking' in his work. His design-cooking romance kicked off as he started to produce popup dinners and experimenting with friends. His style of cooking manifests itself by the way he cooks and curates his work; from a meaningful concept based on his Italian roots to the meticulous aesthetics of the dish itself.

Yoga & Meditation

The sensual Flow

by Kathrin and Nina

Depending on your needs, we, therefore, take a closer look at individual yoga postures so that your practice is (again) safe and tailored to your individual body. With this foundation, we practice calmly and gently flowing Vinyasa Yoga in the morning to mobilize and strengthen our entire body. Meditation in motion.


Yin Yoga, which we will practice in the afternoon/evening, is about relaxing the muscles. In this way, we especially support the stretching of our fascial tissue. On a mental level, we train self-awareness for body and mind in Yin Yoga. I am happy to accompany you through your practice with one or the other Zen story.

We are


Jasmin & Nina

Jasmin and Nina are the founders of Atelier Nú,

a place that gives healing arts space and connects people through culture, creativity, spirituality, and mutual laughter. They embrace the magic of arts and would like to pass on their love for yoga and their idea of how to ground yourself again.


Atelier Nú Retreat.jpg

Katrin started practicing yoga after the birth of her son ... Be at peace with yourself. Body and mind in harmony. More clarity and lightness - all clichés or in the end the truth? But before we get to the end, we have to be on our way first.


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